Huskvarna Zebra Automower graphics kit

90€ - 120€


Decal kit for your automower. It is possible to get the decals with a name and number. A popular feature because many people have nicknames for their automowers and many also choose to have their house number. Even though we think that most people will just love the look, we also believe that customising your robot lawn mower will reduce the risk of it being stolen.

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The image is a montage, deviations may occur. The decals are available for more models than that shown, see menu selection “Model”.



The material of our decals is specially developed for motocross and enduro.



We recommend that the decals are applied to new plastic for best results. Before application, always clean the plastic with white spirit or similar to remove any grease.
Then take a decal, turn the decal over and remove the backing paper. Cut off a strip of about 1-2 cm in the middle of the backing paper and then replace without the strip. Position the decal on the plastic and press it into place.
After this you can easily apply it one part at a time, by hand or using a scraper. If necessary, apply heat with care.
Finally, heat the decal and ensure that it has all adhered. Cut off any material protruding outside the plastic using a sharp knife.

We recommend that you allow the decals to sit on the plastic at room temperature for 24 hours before running the machine.